"The real ordeal is not leaving those you love but learning to live without those who don’t love you."

Muriel Barbery, Gourmet Rhapsody (via feellng)

"Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference."

Unique Quietness (via cynosuras)

(Source: psych-facts)

"You have given me
Wings to fly, and that’s why I
Will help you find yours"

mela, whoever it may be (via merrylancholy)

"My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."

 Charles Bukowski (via feellng)


the annual scholastic book fair was the only reason i didn’t drop out of elementary school